At Velocity we take utmost care to handle the cold chain processes so that the product remains fresh and the quality remains intact. The following process and steps are involved in cold chain services While unloading the material of cold chain we check the LR Date i.e. the date should not be before 24 hours. The temperature of the material should be checked before 24 hours. If temperature is not between 2 to 8 degrees, then this deviation should immediately be informed to the H.O. with the copy of sending location through email. If the material temperature is found okay, then this material should be immediately transferred to walk in the cooler; where care should be taken to maintain the temperature between 2 to 8 degree, and check quantity & batch.

We take the following care while dispatching the cold chain products
  • We pack Cold chain materials strictly in cold rooms.
  • We take utmost care that any cold chain material should be delivered within 48 hours to the client; all cold chain material is packed in EPS box only. While packing the material, sufficient Ice pads are kept on both sides i.e. below the material & above the material to maintain the temperature.
  • While dispatching the material we take care that the temperature must be maintained to 2 to 8 degrees up to the end of delivery of the product.
  • We use only hard ice pad.
  • All EPS boxes are packed with carton tape so that air should not go inside.
  • We conduct random follow ups to end the delivery on time
  • All our cold chain products have a separate invoice which do not club with ordinary products.
We take the following care while storing the cold chain material
  • Every day we take the temperature reading with the help of Data logger, and also maintain a record of it.
  • We ensure that the Walk in coolers are cleaned on a daily basis.
  • The material is stored on racks in loose quantities only, and not in boxes.
  • We take care that proper space is maintained in the walk in cooler so that the air circulates inside properly.
  • We have adequate back up facility in case of electricity failure.